URGENT: This website is no longer supported. While at one point, I had great enthusiasm for this project, I now live in my Jeep full-time and produce a weekly YouTube series as I travel the country in search of adventure. You may continue using this site knowing that it might be prone to error or eventually stop working completely. Thank you!

What is Wheel with Us?

Wheel with Us is a web-based application that enables off-road enthusiasts to easily create and find groups with whom to go wheelin'. It's as simple as that. All you have to do is create your event, share the link to your event on Facebook, or on a discussion forum, and wait for folks to sign up. Or users can peruse the public list of events, and sign up for one that suits them.

How did Wheel with Us come about?

In early 2014, I was at a gas station and saw a small group of Jeepers fueling up, clearly preparing adventure. I wondered where they might be off to, and I wished there was a central place on the web to allow me to see what groups were running where. At which point, I had the idea to create this service.

Is Wheel with Us a free service?

Yes. It is free to use for the individual. However, if you own or operate an off-road destination, such as an off-road park, there is a reasonable fee to register your venue, which has its own benefits, including access to an API, and a listing page devoted to your business.

What about privacy?

This service was created by myself, a fellow off-road enthusiast. As such, I will never abuse your personal information or disclose your personal information to third parties. Only your first name and last initial will be displayed on any of the event pages, in addition to any alias that you provide.

The group email system is a relay similar to that of Craigslist, and will not display your email address to recipients. It should be noted that what is written in emails from event administrators or other participants is outside of our control. Your email client might be configured to display your whole name. So use common sense when composing or replying to emails, and be respectful.

Why does Wheel with Us use real names at all?

If you're using Wheel with Us, chances are, you're going to be meeting fellow users in real life. While nicknames are commonplace, it's comforting to know buTtLoRd69 by his first name, Mike. I'm hoping it will dramatically reduce the douchebaggery that is often exacerbated by anonymity and completely eliminate stabbiness.

I just created an event. Now what?

Now, you wait. Share the URL of the event on Facebook, or on your favorite off-road forum, if you haven't already. When enough people have signed up, you can click on the "email group members" link. This will open up your mail client and allow you to send an email containing the fine details to everyone in the group.

When specifying a custom location, why can't I add a specific address?

Specifying a custom location is limited to city and state for your privacy. You'll usually want the custom location to be that of your staging area. When the event is full and/or drawing near, the event administrator should email the group with the fine details. When and where are we meeting? What CB channel are we going to be on? What should we bring?

Is there a way to exclude my event from the public list?

Absolutely. There is an "unlisted" checkbox on the create event form that will prevent it from being displayed in our public list. You might want to do this if you want to limit attendees to close friends or to people in your club. In which case, you'd share the event link privately, on Facebook, or on your club's discussion forum.

Can I link my event to a forum thread or an external web site?

Sure! When you create a new event, there is a URL field. All you have to do is copy the URL for your forum thread, or for your external web site, and paste it into this field. It'll then appear as a link on the event page.

Why isn't my favorite off-road park shown in the list of destinations?

Good question! The ability to register an off-road destination is a subscription service offered by Wheel with Us. For a reasonable monthly (or annual) fee, your off-road park will appear in the list of destinations on the main page, and you will also have your own dedicated group listing page. In addition, an API is available so that an off-road park can embed their event list on their own web site.

If you know of an off-road park that can use this service, have them send me an email at info@wheelwith.us. I'd be happy to talk about it!

Why doesn't the trail rating system match that of my favorite off-road park?

Unfortunately, there is no concrete standard for trail difficulty ratings. So we utilized our own system, and tried to make it as generic as possible. The green, blue, and black designators aside, we rate trails on a scale from one to nine; one being a gravel road, and nine being as difficult as you can imagine. It's not an exact science, but this system should serve as a decent basis for forming groups.

You should always select your rating based on the most difficult terrain that you might encounter during the outing.

What is our position on land use?

Wheel with Us is an off-road group management tool. Nothing more. The software doesn't care where you go wheeling. That being said, I do care. Please respect private property, tread lightly, and stick to designated trails.

Who do I contact if I need help, find bugs, or if I have an idea for a new feature?

Contact feedback@wheelwith.us. At some point, you'll likely encounter bugs, or find items that could use improvement. If you have any issues, don't hesitate to shoot me an email right away.